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Thông báo học bồng hội nhi khoa ASEAN (ADF) 2020

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 Announcement for ASEAN Pediatric Federation Fellowship Scholarship

ASEAN Pediatric Federation (APF) is calling for application of the APF Fellowship Scholarship (2020). Pediatricians (under 40 years old) from member countries are eligible to apply. The applicant has to be accepted by a training institution before application. Two fellowships will be awarded for at least 6 months training amounting to USD $6,000 with return tickets for each candidate.

The applicant needs to apply with the following documents to the individual’s national society first.

a) The application form

b) A letter of intent from the host department/institution to receive the candidate for training.

The applicants should be screened by the respective national societies before submission to the APF Council for selection. Each member country can send up to two applicants to:

Prof. Ye Myint Kyaw, President, ASEAN Pediatric Federation –

Prof. Kyaw Linn, secretary, ASEAN Pediatric Federation –

The deadline will be 31st May, 2020. APF Council Members will finally select TWO successful candidates.

The selected candidates should begin their training within 6 months from the date of the award.

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